Why a portfolio is important for your career

Giving up when things go south is tempting. Next time you feel like giving up with your side hustle, remember to differentiate your temporary setbacks from larger failures.
Why a portfolio is important for your career

Side projects are projects you do alone or with a small team that is different from the scope of your job. These can be great for two reasons: First, they allow you to be creative and dive into something that you are personally interested in. Second, they make a great addition to your portfolio.

Side projects are one of the most important ingredients for career success. In this tutorial, we teach you everything you need to know about side projects, if and how they should be used in your job search, how to create a side project portfolio, and much more.

It's equally important to have a strong portfolio as it is to land a job at a place where you can work on projects that inspire you. Having examples of past side projects and passion projects in your portfolio gives you an edge over the competition both when applying for new jobs and when applying for promotions.

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